Hide Real IP

My IP Hide is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service. It can hide your real IP protecting you from IP tracing.

Hide IP address: Just keep My IP Hide running when surfing. My IP Hide changes the proxy settings of your browser. When your browser requests some web page, My IP Hide fectches it so the site regards our IP as yours. Thus your real IP is hidden.

Online privacy: Websites know much information through your IP address. For example, from your IP address , we know you are from the country . My IP Hide changes your IP using ours to protect your online privacy.

Hide IP
We Hide Your IP
We hide your real IP address using these IP addresses.
Proxy in Different Countries

Service Pricing

We accept the major payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Webmoney (Russia) and so on. Please goto the order page to select the payment method that you like.

1 Year
Save 34%
($5.63 per month)
6 Months
Save 18%
($6.98 per month)
3 Months
Save 9%
($7.75 per month)
1 Month
Save 0%
($8.52 per month)

What you get

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Much faster than VPN
  • Fast encrypted connection
  • Choose any IP as you like
  • Support all browsers
  • No setting for major browsers

Main Features

  • Hide Real IP: My IP Hide can hide your IP to protect your online privacy and use encrypted connections to prevent Internet tracking from you.
  • Unblock Sites: Open any blocked websites. Webmasters may ban your IP. Company may limit your access to some sites. We break all the blockade for you.
  • Faster than VPN: With our enhanced proxy technology, My IP Hide is faster than VPN, SSH proxy and web proxy. Meanwhile it's securer than ordinary proxy.
  • Windows and Mac: My IP Hide supports both Windows and Mac. It supports all the browsers. There is no settings for the major browsers.

Customer Reviews

  • John: Sick and tired of being spied on. This program works great to protect my privacy and my rights. It's reliable software.
  • Wendy: Well I really don't want the world knowing what I do and what I look at when I'm surfing on the internet from my home. I use this software to keep me and my family anonymous.
  • Gustav: I trust no one or nothing. It is very important to me to have absolute encryption on every data transfer for what I do. Good program. I trust.