My IP Hide vs. Socks Proxy Checker

Compare My IP Hide with Socks Proxy Checker

My IP Hide vs. Socks Proxy Checker

My IP Hide uses enhanced proxy technology which encrypts the traffic. It's more secure than Socks Proxy Checker (socks proxy). My IP Hide uses private proxy which is more stable than public proxy.

My IP Hide vs. Socks Proxy Checker
My IP HideSocks Proxy Checker
TechnologyEnhanced Proxy Socks Proxy
AccessPrivate Proxy Public Proxy
EncryptionYes No
SpeedFast Variable/Unstable
IP Number109 in 34 countriesThousands
OSWindows, Mac, Android Windows Only
StabilityStable Unstable
Price$9.95/month $79.96/month

How to choose: You should choose My IP Hide if you want to open blocked sites or hide IP. It's because My IP Hide is faster, more stable and cheaper. You can choose Socks Proxy Checker (socks proxy) if you need one hundred IP addresses and only use each one for a little while.

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MyIPHide vs. VPN

Advantages over VPN

13x Faster: My IP Hide is 13 times faster than VPN because of its optimized encryption algorithm for browsers. Read the test report here.

Static IP: My IP Hide uses static IP addresses. You can always use the same IP that you like. Most VPNs use dynamic IP addresses.

Fast Switch: You can switch to a new IP address in 0.1 seconds using My IP Hide. Most VPNs need 10+ seconds.

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Unlock premium IP, the real speed of My IP Hide

  •   4x faster than free IP, 13x than VPN
  •   Encrypt data, more secure than proxy
  •   For Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux
  •   30-day money-back guarantee

We accept paypal, credit card, bitcoin, webmoney, and many other payment methods.

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My IP Hide has 109 servers (IP addresses) in 34 countries

MyIPHide servers all over the world
United States
(CA, FL, GA, IL,
United Kingdom
Hong KongAustralia
IndiaNew Zealand
SingaporeSouth Africa

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